Bad signs revealed by marriage line

By observing the line on your palm, some astrologers can give presise prediction about your marriage.

mariage line

The end of the marriage line is sagging, cutting into the feelings of the line (Figure A): which means that the spouse would die due to illness or accident. But if there is no drawback on the other lines of the hand, which means that the family tragedies might happen in the later years.

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The end of the marriage line appears “X” pattern (Figure B):which means that the spouse might die due to an unexpected disaster. “X” pattern appears on the lines, which means bad omen.
Marriage line is sagging into a saw-shape (Figure C):which means the middle-aged widowed.
If marriage line shows the characteristics of the widowed, and must have breaking phenomenon on the heart-line and the fate online, and the mound of Venus has “family disaster line ” (Figure D), which means that the couple might have bereavement. Since widowed is a major event, so the marriage line is not so important as the three main lines (heart-line, head-line, lifeline). So you’d better not determine most important event of your life according to marriage line, you must refer to the main lines as a reference.
Observing on physiognomy, eyes and manner can also reveal the good or ill luck of fate of contacts between men and women and marital relations. For example, people with melancholy eyes will be easily suffered for the love, the couple might break up. People with tears in eyes (had been crying) would have greater impact. The couple might encounter matters of separation and death, and frequently would occur in middle age.