The benefit of putting Laxmi or Kubera statue in your house


According to the ancient Hindushastra, both Laxmi and Kuvera are the Goddess and the God of wealth respectively. Goddess Laxmi is said to be the wife of Lord Vishnu who is one of the supreme Gods who are responsible for maintaining the world. It is said that whenever Lord Vishnu reincarnates in the mortal worlds, Mata Laxmi reincarnates with him to give him company. Lord Kubera or Dhanapati is said to be the treasurer of Gods who showers his worshippers with riches and justify the needy by giving them scratches of gold. Placing their idols at your house and worshipping them would definitely flourish your life.
Who is Goddess Laxmi?

Goddess Laxmi brings success to all the dedicated and hardworking people who worship her. But nobody should call her for greed as she never helps the greedy people. Fridays are the best for worshipping Laxmi. Her four hands represent the four ultimate goals in a man’s life- Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha. Goddess Laxmi wears a red garment with gold ornaments which represent energy and prosperity. She sits on a Lotus which symbolizes the divine truth. The Hindu Shastra says that she prefers the clean homes and comes to the cleanest homes first.
How to keep Laxmi idols at home for good fortune:

1. You can place Laxmi idol at the entrance of your home. Decorate the entrance with auspicious signs like Swastika and OM along with the idol. The signs are put in the front door to keep away the bad luck from home.
2. Most Hindus have a separate space kept for Puja and keep the idols there. You can also put the idols in the Puja room. The idols should be in silver or chrome frame.
3. According to the Vastu Shastra, the idols should be no less than 28 inches.
4. Keeping a Laxmi idol at home and daily worshipping the idol leads all of your wishes to come true.
5. Worshipping Goddess Laxmi would fill your home with wealth and fortune and you would never have to be in hunger.
6. It is said in Hindu Shastra that if any infertile woman keeps and worships Mata Laxmi idol in her home, she would bore a child of her own.
7. If you worship Goddess Laxmi properly, your every wish would become fulfilled.
8. Having a Mata Laxmi Statue at your home makes your abode pure and full of positive energy.

Who is Lord Kubera:

Lord Kubera is the God of wealth who is also the treasurer of the Gods. He showers his worshippers with wealth and also justifies the poor by giving them wealth too. Lord Kubera is benevolent and fair complexioned with short stature and pot belly. Some believe that the origin of his name indicates the word “deformed”. He is also worshipped in Jainism and Buddhism. Historians sound many of his idols in distant lands such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Tibet. It is said that Kubera was deputed by the gods as the King of the Yakshas. The Yakshas assists him to protect the treasures of Earth. Lord Kubera is also one of the Dikpalas and Lokpalas (Master of direction). It is said that Lord Kubera is the custodian of the North direction.

How to keep Kubera idol at home:
1. As Lord Kubera is one of the Dikpala and the sole custodian of the North direction. One should put the Kubera idol at north direction. This should bring the home in good fortune. And bad luck would never touch the home. (A quick tip- If you work from home, try to sit facing north and you would be successful at work too).
2. You can also place the Kuvera statue at the entrance of your home too.
3. Just Like any God idol, your Kuvera statue shouldn’t be less than 28 inches. If the statue is too big or too small, it might not be good for your home according to the Vastu Shastra.
The Hindu Shastra says putting the idol of Kuvera and Laxmi statue at home will bring you fortune, happiness and prosperity. Always try to perform a complete Puja of the idols of Mata Laxmi and Lord Kuvera at your home to get the complete blessing of the Gods.