How to choose the best garden statue?

My friend – Izabella – a professional blogger who has post an articles about garden statue on her blog: FortunerHome – In her post, she listed so many garden statue with reviews  . And i also appreciate about her post, i can learn a lot about her sharing.

Yes sure for anyone who love the beauty of these type of statue; they also want to put the best statue in their garden. And at night you can install some type of lights that light up the statue. Wow, the feeling is so pearceful for garden. My advice for you is that, the larger garden, the more beautiful you have for every statue you put.

Before you choose a statue; let’s see what you you should care about

  • the size of statue and the area of garden; just use a measure tool to visualize that
  • The material of statue, i personally love the marble
  • The type of statue
April 28, 2017