Decorate Villa or Home with statue on Roof

Everyone dreams of a beautifully decorated home which they can flaunt as owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy. People buy a house for staying and convert it to home by decorating it. It is also said that decorating a home reflects the personality of the homeowner. The owner sets the home with many decorative things like furniture, books and above all, the statues. Decorating your home with statues is always classy even from the ancient age, and it still hasn’t lost its charm.
In many ancient civilizations like Chinese, Greek and Roman civilization, people used, to decorate their homes with statues at indoor and the rooftop as decorating the rooftop with statue symbolized the homeowners status.
Some new features of decorating rooftop with statues:

1. Many people believe in Feng shui and Vastu Shastra. As Feng Shui has Chinese roots, the homeowners are recommended to decorate the roof with a classic Laughing Buddha Statue.
2. Many Indian royal families used to decorate their rooftop garden with statues. They even installed fountain statues on the rooftop to enjoy their majestic evening. Installing statues symbolized their royal status. The rich families spend millions for a statue which will beautify their home so that they can show off their taste for cultures to people. The statue also enhances their position amongst the high-class people.

3. Many people place religious statues to their rooftop to pay respect to the god they believe in. The rooftops of many religious places like Church has life sized statue of Virgin Mary with baby Jesus or crucified Jesus statues to pay respect to the Jesus. Many Mandirs also place the statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to pay homage to the Gods. Decorating the roof your house with the religious statues would show your respect for the gods and for your roots. This would bind the people of your house in the same string. Your kids would also be aware of their ancestry.
4. The primary reason for placing statues in the house is to enhance the beauty of the house. Placing statues to the rooftop makes your house to stand out from the rest of the houses of your locality.
5. In many school ground and rooftops, we find statues of different great personalities. These statues are established to pay respect to the works of these great personalities for which the mankind are living a happy life.
6. Many people make garden in the terrace and place garden statues in the terrace garden. With sufficient light and flowering plants, the statue creates a dramatic effect to the terrace garden. The home owner can enjoy their breezy evening in the terrace garden with all the dramatic effect.

statue villa

How to place the statue in the rooftop:
This depends on the material of the statue. If you have a bronze statue or sculpture to place to your rooftop you first have to build a base to keep the statues, then you have to gently put it in the base. If you have a statue made of plaster of Paris, gently carry it to the rooftop and put it in a well-protected area as plaster of Paris is a subtle material and it can break easily.

old villa with sculpture

How to protect statues:
A very safe idea of protecting the statue is to place it in a fiberglass case. This would protect it from harm. If you have marble statue on your roof, always save it from the rain as the rainwater contains mild acid which can erode the statue with time. The same remedy would apply for the stone and stone dust statues also. The stone dust and the marble react with the acid present in the rain which in turn causes erosion of the stone or the marble. This phenomenon is known as stone cancer. Always try to make the statue base stronger to make the statue withstand the natural calamities.

How to maintain the statues:
The maintenance depends upon the material of the statue or sculpture, but in most of the case, the statues need not be maintained. The sculptors make the statues such a way that it can withstand any weather condition. But sometimes you have to wash it with high-pressure wash and mild soap to clean the dirt off.

April 28, 2017