Sculpture & Statue – New Trend for decorating the garden

Decorating a garden is not about placing trees and stones in a decorative manner or crowding your landscape with various kinds of trees. Your garden décor reflects your personality and your love for nature. Decorating your garden with sculptures is the newest trend on the block as using various statues while decorating a landscape really boosts your chances up to show your artistic touch. Beautifully placed statues incorporate arts to your ordinary looking garden. Using the right lawn ornament to compensate your flowering plants transforms the garden like something people can only find in magazines.

Crouching Angel Garden Statue

Crouching Angel Garden Statue, Source:

Match sculptures with their surroundings:
A well-chosen sculpture always stands out from the surroundings with grace but if you choose a statue which looks totally out of place would be noticed for the wrong reasons. You have to choose the right sculpture for your garden very wisely as it might look too big or too modern for your yard. But the point is when a sculpture is outplaced, it becomes very obvious, even for a very casual observer. But when you buy a statue or sculpture depending upon the architecture of your house, it can greatly improve the appearance of your house and the outdoor garden setting. You would find garden sculptures and statue out of different materials like bronze, stone, concrete or even wooden. The premium quality statues are mostly handcrafted. So always choose your sculpture very wisely.
Common garden sculptures:
Garden sculptures will help you personalizing your home by giving your garden an edgy look but you have to know about the types of garden statues before buying one.
1. Antique Garden statues and sculptures:


Hunter with dog statue / Source:

If you want a garden with a classic feel, look forward to the antique garden sculptures. You have to combine few standard elements like columns and bigger urns to give your garden a classic look. Then look forward to buying the statues with ancient classic artwork to embellish your garden with combining the statue with other ancient garden antique elements. Introduce and place the figurines to the right place and manicure your flowering plants very carefully and you can have a garden with classic Greek-Roman feel.
2. Hanging sculptures:
You don’t have to limit your garden sculptures to the ground. You would get many models that can be hanged to the fence or from the side of the building. The hanging sculptures can be paired with many standing pieces of standing sculptures to span the entire landscape. Trees can be made into sculptures by carving the tree trunk with facial features. With this idea, your whole garden would like it come to life. Celestial Motifs of sun and moon are a common theme of any garden sculpture.
3. The common kinds of statues and sculptures you can find:
• Animals and bird figures:
Every animal and bird has been turned into the garden figurine. But the most popular choices are doves, frogs, flamingo, rabbit, and deer.
• Human figure:
Figures of people are the most common themes you can find in people’s garden. The human figures look very lively. Sometimes human figures made such a way to hold a human baby statue or baby animals. You would find many human sculptures in ancient Greek-Roman style.

resin garden statue


• Religious figures:
You would find many sculptures and statues made like the angels and cherubs found in any 16th or 17th-century churches. You can find many statues of Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus and Buddha to decorate your garden.
• Mythical creatures:
You can decorate your garden with sculptures of those creatures found in the children’s fantasy stories like the Forest Nymphs, Garden Gnomes, Dragons, and Gargoyles. Place those statues among the trees and shrubs to create an environment like the enchanted forest you found on the storybook as a child.
Where to put the Yard art:
This decision depends upon the amount of space you allocate for your sculpture. If you want to decorate a large lawn an oversized garden sphere would do the trick. Put it some place in there from where it would be visible from the whole lawn. If you have a small garden, try small-scale pieces along the edge of the path. If you want something contemporary, create a small water body in your garden and place a lotus made of copper. This would make your garden look very different. There are many contemporary garden arts made of copper including water lily and rose sculpture. Put it along with your normal flowering plants to see the difference.
How to take care of the garden art:
It depends upon the material you chose for your garden statues and figurines, but there should not be any maintenance at all. The sculptures and statues are made such a way that can withstand any outdoor weather situation. But sometimes you would need some mild soap and high-pressure wash to clean off the dirt.