Since time immemorial, setting up a home within four walls has been the desire of mankind. Thus, in search of happiness and comfort, mankind has built houses and converted them into homes with extra care. Their homes have been set up with many decorative items such as furniture, electronics, books, and, above all, the statue. The statues have become a very popular mode of decoration in every family. Thus, as this is a popular practice nowadays, there must be certain reasons for this. So, let us take a deep insight into the benefit of the statue for indoor decoration.

To add Beauty: The first and foremost reason for placing statues in the interior of the houses is because of the immense beauty that is added to the place. Imagine the statues being placed in a part of the house in such a way that it enhances the color of the walls and the theme of the room itself. It truly changes the blandness of the room itself and gives it an interesting view of the house altogether.

To fetch Good Luck: Many people believe in the sacredness of the FengShui. They believe that keeping a certain kind of FengShui (take the Laughing Buddha for an example) would bring good luck to them and help the family prosper in each and every way.

To offer Respect: Many people decorate their houses with the replicas of the statues of great personalities. This is often done to pay respect to their hard work and selflessness because of which mankind is enjoying a happy life today. Thus, paying tribute to the legendary often leads to decorating the houses with statues.

• To raise the Status: Statues are usually not affordable by the lower strata of the society. While the rich people spend millions on a single statue to show off their taste and culture and to highlight their position in the society, the middle-class families try to follow the same at a much more affordable rate. Thus, it often is a loud declaration of the status of the family.

• To establish the faith in Religion and Culture: Many people decorate the interiors of their houses with the statues of the Gods and Goddesses to offer their respect to the Almighty. The cultural aspect is another reason for decorating the interiors of the houses with statues of various kinds that symbolize the culture and tradition of the families living in the respective houses. By portraying the culture and the tradition, the family showcases and keeps a strong hold to the roots of origin and this helps a lot in uniting the members of the family together.

David - Florence - Italie

• Modes of Maintenance: Statues require a good care and maintenance. They have to be polished regularly and handled with great care while changing the positions.

• Compatibility: Not every statue can be placed in any part of the house. The color of the statue should not clash with the color of the room. Also, the size and theme of the room should be kept in mind. Small statues should be placed in small rooms and bigger statues should be placed in bigger rooms. Something modern such as a glass piece must be placed in a modern apartment while an old sculpture should be placed in a traditional room.

• Affecting the Mentality: The presence of statues in the house is indeed very refreshing as it soothes the eye. The decorative statues on display unite the members of the family and help the growing children in getting a learning exposure. The children get to learn about their faith, culture, and tradition to develop their morality and the members of the family develop a deep sense of respect for the great personalities.

indoor couple statue

Thus, statues are a luxurious requirement of almost every house that helps to beautify the ambiance of the peaceful abode.Hence, it can be perceived that a statue kept in a room has a different charm because of which this is a popular mode ofdecoration at present.